By clicking on “Add to Chrome” the user is representing that it is authorized agent of the Member. User further represents that it is authorized to access the online portal(s) from which Member is making its purchases made from its distributor(s) and that it’s authorized to access the purchase related information user is sharing with the Company. Member further represents that the use of Food Service Plugin is being initiated and utilized solely by the Member and with its knowledge and consent. Member further acknowledges that when the customer activates the Food Service Plugin, such activation is being performed by the Member and not of the Company. Member acknowledges that it has already executed a Letter of Participation (“LOP”) with the Company and that the Company is an authorized agent of the Member for the purposes of assessing and optimizing its purchases, in terms of securing more favorable pricing and/or quality on products, securing volume allowances on products, for purposes of performing tracking and opportunity analysis on the Member Data and for any other purpose as directed by the Member.

Member acknowledges the Company does not collect or store any third-party website log-in credentials or passwords. For the purposes of the Company providing Members access to the Food Service Plugin, Member acknowledges the Company utilizes a third-party encryption service for the purposes of protecting the Member’s confidential log-in and passwords. Member is aware that such encryption service is being provided by the third party at the Member’s direction and for the protection of the Member’s confidential information. To the extent the Company providing you access to the Food Service Plugin is deemed the equivalent of the Company accessing third party sites to retrieve the Member’s proof of purchases, the Member hereby states the Company at all relevant times is acting as the Member’s agent authorized to retrieve Member’s Proof of Purchase(s) from such third parties. For purposes of this Agreement and solely to provide the Member access to its Proof of Purchases, Member hereby grants and appoints the Company its attorney-in-fact and agent, to access third-party sites, retrieve the Member’s proof of purchase with the full power and authority to do and perform each thing necessary in connection with such activities, as Member could do in person. The Member further warrants that the Company shall not be responsible for the Customer’s initiation of the POP Automation Tool and any agreements it may have with third parties with respect to the same.